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Why Are Electric vehicles Better Than Petrol Vehicles?

Electric vehicles are one of the proudest creations we have ever made.

And it is no surprise that these bikes are becoming more popular day by day. As technology advances, the batteries, working, and other features of electric bikes are improving. Besides these, many other drawbacks include high cost, a range of performance issues, maintenance costs, long charge time, and many more decreasing gradually.

Many prominent automobile companies have already released a wide range of electric bikes. In a matter of a few years, we might completely switch over to electric bikes.

Luxury car companies like Volvo mentioned that they are working on electric bikes and will be out shortly.

Why is it that people are starting to prefer electric bikes and vehicles over petrol and diesel vehicles?

Well, an obvious point will be that petroleum resources are decreasing at an alarming rate. But, besides this, there are many advantages to electric bikes and vehicles.

Here are some of the advantages electric vehicle has over diesel vehicle.

Advantages of Electric vehicles

1. Electric vehicles are surprisingly cheaper than petrol vehicles.

Yeah, you heard that right. Electric vehicles cost less than petrol bikes. Now, in the beginning, one might argue that electric vehicle cost twice as much as petrol bikes. But considering the price of petrol, we can conclude that buying an electric vehicle will be a big advantage. Now, the dilemma between electric and petrol bikes clears up. Besides this, the maintenance cost of an electric vehicle is extremely cheap. This is because there are no smog tests, no oil changes, and fewer parts. This means that the vehicles can go years without any service or repair. 

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 2. Electric vehicles drastically reduce pollution.

This is another great point when it comes to electric vehicles Vs Petrol bikes. This is because electric vehicles come with no tailpipe emissions. This implies no pollution and cleaner air for us to breathe. This means less stress on health systems, hospitals, and many more. And another advantage of it is that fewer greenhouse gas emissions save our planet’s ozone layer, which protects us from harmful UV Rays. Therefore, we can say that electric bikes are reducing our carbon footprint and delaying global warming.

3. Skipping petrol stations

 As we know, electric bikes don’t need any oil, petrol, or other maintenance requirements. Therefore, you can skip the task of going to have stations and fill your vehicle up. You can drive the electric vehicle, and when you get home or get to work, you connect it to the charger. Renewable resources produce the power going to your electric vehicle’s batteries. This will be extremely advantageous as you won’t be paying for the petrol.

 4. Electric vehicles are the future of transportation.

 As mentioned above, the whole world is slowly shifting to electric vehicles, and pretty soon, petrol-powered bikes will be history. Therefore, if you are buying or planning to buy electric vehicle, you plan for the future. This would give you the satisfaction of making a difference in the environment.

 5. Wave goodbye to noise pollution

 This is one of the most noticeable features of electric vehicles. As there is no combustion of petrol taking place, the vehicle doesn’t make a noise. You will find it weird in the beginning when you twist the accelerator. But, this will be advantageous to you. This is because you can look forward to silent and quiet roads in the future.

6. Electric vehicles are one of the top performers.

 This is often hard to believe, but electric bikes have extremely high torque power. This gives your vehicle a smooth and quick pick-up. This beats most of the petrol-powered vehicles. Besides this, none can argue about the comfort level electric vehicles provide. One might even say that petrol-powered vehicles might be more uncomfortable and clunky.

7. Electric vehicle drivers enjoy a lot of privileges.

 This is one of the compelling arguments one can give to make someone switch to electric vehicle. Riding electric vehicle will give you the preferential treatment that you completely deserve. There are many parking spaces located near stores and buildings just for electric vehicles. And, an electric vehicle driver has the freedom to pass everyone in most of the high-occupancy lanes on the highway. Besides this, the EV companies set up free charging ports across the city.

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