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Should You Repair or Replace Your E-Bike Battery?

The battery is the most important component of not only any electronic device, but that also includes any electronic vehicle. If the battery of an e-bike is experiencing issues there is no way to get around that. In other words, no amount of creativity on your part is going to amend this issue and improve your riding experience unless you get your battery working at its highest capacity. That being said, how do you identify if your battery has a problem? Should you try to fix it yourself? Should you enlist a professional to restore the battery or should you replace the battery entirely? In this blog, I will try to answer all your questions related to battery issues plaguing your e-bike.

Poor charging practices can hinder your battery’s performance and lifespan. To avoid this in the first place, it would be recommended to not overcharge your vehicle, practices such as leaving it on charge overnight can cause such an issue, frequently draining your vehicle’s battery is also harmful. Ideally, you would like to start the charging process before the battery completely dies, and removing the charger as soon as the process is finished will help your battery perform well for a longer period of time.

These same practices, rather than damaging the battery directly, can sometimes cause a build-up of negative energy in your battery. Let’s start by identifying whether or not your battery is truly damaged or you only have to clear out this build-up of negative energy. The first step is to leave your vehicle on to charge for an entire 24-hour charge cycle The constant flow of electricity over a day should cause a clear out of any build-up of negative energy. Secondly cleaning the battery if it is a removable port could help solve any issues with the battery. Collected dirt or debris can negatively affect the battery’s performance.

If after doing these two steps you still find that your battery is giving you problems. Use a multimeter tool to check your battery voltage. If you observe that your voltage is within the range of 80-85% your e-Bike should be alright to use and it may not necessarily be an issue with the battery. If your voltage is below 80% however, you may have a single or even multiple faulty cells in your battery pack. At this stage, you should consider doing something about your battery.

It is highly recommended to not attempt to repair your e-bike’s battery yourself. Not only is the required equipment a costly investment but also if you are not an expert you may easily damage the battery further or even start a fire. In the scenario that you want to get your battery repaired or replaced it would be best to contact a professional.

Now as to whether you should get your battery replaced or repaired? Getting your battery repaired might be cheaper in the short run but could prove to be more economically taxing in the long run. Repairing a battery or only replacing a few faulty cells may also be expensive. It may cost up to a third of the cost that replacing the battery might cause you. It is also likely that you will experience persisting battery issues in the future, therefore the money that you are able to save in the short term will inevitably be spent on consecutive repairs. Therefore, if you start to notice any serious decline in your battery’s performance it may be best to upgrade to a newer battery instead of trying to repair the defective older battery.

Remember, the battery is like the lifeline of your scooter, if it isn’t working up to its full potential this can cause performance issues in your scooter, and may even lead to accidents. If you notice any issues with your battery it would be best for you to act on them immediately rather than giving the issue a chance to become even more serious. 

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