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Scope of Electric Bikes in 2021

The electric bike market is seeing exponential growth. According to the latest predictions, the electric bike market is expected to grow by 45% by 2025. The main reason for this trend is that electric bikes solve city dwellers’ real and pressing needs.

Air pollution is a huge problem for the urban areas, and the busy roads full of vehicles are a major contributor.

What is needed is a sustainable, emission-free form of personal transportation that can reduce our dependence on more traditional fuel-based vehicles.

That’s where the electric bike comes in, a fast, affordable, and emission-free commute mode.

On top of that, the fuel hikes majorly hit the common populace of India. Electric bikes present an economically viable option; hence they are becoming increasingly popular among the general masses of the Indian populace.

The cost-conscious middleman is paving the way for the two-wheelers electric revolution in India. Brands like Green City Motors – a Benling authorized distributor of electric two-wheelers are driving this revolution.

Scope of Electric Bikes in India

Not just the zeal of the common populace, but the data also points to the bright future of electric bikes in India.

With sales numbers closing to 20 million per year, India boasts the largest two-wheeler market in the world. Such a large user base of scooters and bikes also creates huge potential for electric bikes in India.

Although the sales of electric bikes comprise only a smaller chunk of the total two-wheeler sales, more and more people realize the economic and environmental benefits of EVs.

Therefore, these numbers are expected to see a steep rise. Growth is already happening, and data suggest the sales of total EVs doubled in just a year.

If the predictions are true, the numbers will cross 2 million in EV sales by 2030.

Electric Bikes are leading the electric revolution in India.

EVs are certainly at the forefront of the electric revolution in India. As most of the Indian population favours two-wheelers in place of cars, majorly for economic reasons, electric two-wheelers present the most suitable option to switch from a fuel-based personal transport to an electric base vehicle.

Besides, they have other advantages too. For the starter, they are light, so smaller batteries could propel them for a longer distance.

Take, for example, AURA, one of the best electric scooter models from Green City Motors. Dashing at around 70 km/h, it can easily tread 120 km in a single charge.

Smaller, more efficient batteries bring down the price. Second is the ease of charging; electric bikes do not require any dedicated charging outlets. Common plug points in homes can be used to charge these bikes.

Also, smaller batteries charge quickly, which reduces charging time. So an electric bike will be up for cruising again in no time.

Governmental push is driving the electric bike market towards exponential growth.

 The economic policymakers of the government, back in 2017, heavily emphasized achieving the electrification of all fuel-based vehicles by 2030. Under the Make in India scheme, this policy gained significant momentum.

It included giving subsidies directly to the buyer. However, the move met with strong opposition from the automobiles and auto parts manufacturers, who took the move as too drastic and disruptive to the market.

Although the government has conceded to the demand and lowered the target to 30%, the push that the electric vehicle market gained through the policy geared it up for a major overhaul.

The government has shifted gears too. With positive policy changes, the government now aims to bring in more investment to promote the manufacturing of the components that go into electric vehicles like batteries and motors.

The government’s backing and the huge surge in demands are clear indicators that electric bikes have a bright future and will become a favourite means of transport in the days to come.

Major Auto players are rallying for the electric revolution.

The steep rise of the electric bikes or electric vehicles market, in general, has caught the attention of big auto players too.

Several of the automobile giants of India are gearing up to ride the electric revolution and gain from the rapidly emerging EV market of India.

Maruti Suzuki, Toyota, Nissan are some of the major players in developing their EV prototypes to test the ground and introduce them to the consumers as soon as possible.

Bajaj Motor and other two-wheelers manufacturers are also not far behind and close to hitting the road with their variants of electric bikes in India.

Not just the EVs, the big automobile players are also heavily investing in developing the infrastructure to streamline the acquiring and manufacturing of components like batteries, motors, and charging points.

All this will give a huge boost to the electrification of the Indian automobile industry, particularly to electric bikes.

Green City Motors: India’s Top Brand of Electric Two Wheelers

 If India quickly transitions towards environment-friendly transport alternatives, homegrown brands like Green City Motors are the major contributors to this electric revolution.

As the top Benling authorized distributor for electric two-wheelers in India, Green City Motors has truly revolutionized the Indian electric two-wheelers market.

An indigenous brand, Green City Motors has the best models of electric two-wheelers under its fore.

Falcon and Kriti – the top models of Green City Motors are fitted with the best component to keep you going longer distances.

The way ahead

As the environmental concerns are rising and the urban dwellers are gasping for fresh pollution-free air, the demand for alternative, zero-emission vehicles is also rising.

With more and more big guns of the automobile industry jumping to the growth wagon of the electric vehicles industry, it’s not hard to predict that the coming time will see a tremendous increase in the sales of EVs in India.

But the industry is still in its nascent stage. It requires the continuous support of favourable government policies and the unflinching interest of bigger automobile players.

Electric bikes present not only an environment-friendly alternative but also an economic one too.

Rising fuel prices, growing traffic concerns, and deteriorating air quality will push more and more people to go with cleaner alternatives to petrol or diesel-based vehicles.

Electric bikes have shown that they have the potential to be that alternative.

If you are interested in being a part of this electric revolution, Green City Motors is your starting point. Check out the website for more details about the models and prices.

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