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How to Choose the Right Electric Scooter for You?

Electric scooters are slowly becoming the mainstream mode of commuting as more and more people are opting for the electric counterpart of two-wheelers.

Electric scooters with zero-emission norms provide an environmentally friendly and cost-effective alternative to daily commuting than Petrol based two-wheeler vehicle. However, choosing the best electric vehicles is not an easy task.

There are several characteristics and essential points to be aware of before deciding to buy an electric scooter. Sure the design catches the attention first, but other crucial factors are equally important.

Being aware of the essential components that comprise excellent electric scooters helps you choose a product that will serve you for years to come.

To help you choose your electric scooter, we have listed the essential points below to consider before purchasing. We, therefore, invite you to read the given points carefully to help you choose the best electric scooter.

Here are the top 6 things to consider before buying an electric scooter

1) The overall costs

The very first factor that you should consider before the go-ahead of buying an electric vehicle is the cost.

You will find electric scooters at a wide range of prices, but not every one of them will fit your budget. Therefore having a clear idea of the spending limit will help you close in on the options that are within your budget limit.

To give you an idea, even a lower-end electric scooter model will cost you around ₹ 40,000 to ₹ 60,000. That’s why it’s essential to consider the cost before you decide to buy an electric scooter. Benling vehicles – provider of the best electric scooters in Bangalore offer the most cost-effective electric scooter models which do not break your pocket while being highly efficient at the same time.

2) Design

Once you have finalized a budget, the next thing that deserves serious consideration is the design. It’s the one thing that every vehicle draws attention to, and electric scooters are no exception. You should greatly emphasize the design of the electric scooter you are going to buy.

Besides being trendy and modern in look, the design should also have to be practical. You should ensure that the build is not too bulky or too sleek that it seems a mismatch to your frame and at the same time sturdy enough that it could easily handle even the rough terrain.

Moreover, the foot deck should have enough boot space to accommodate your feet easily. Elegant and stylish electric scooters with a solid build will make your ride smooth and comfortable. Benling electric vehicles offer the best electric scooter with a trendy, stylish design and a sturdy solid build.

3) Commute Distance

After the cost and the design comes to the usage. How much distance you will be commuting each day is another critical factor that impacts the electric scooter buying decision. You wouldn’t want to get stuck with an electric scooter that doesn’t have enough range to meet your daily commuting needs.

Electric scooters mainly come in two variants, the low speed with a range of about 40km to 60km in a single full charge and the high speed with a range of up to 75 km at one go. However, some high-end variants with a bigger battery could take you about 140 km in a single charge. So choose an electric scooter that has the required range depending upon your needs.

Green city motors offer the best electric scooters, which have the widest range of commuting distance. You can find models that could traverse between 60 km to 120 km in a single charge. You can further browse through the models of green city motors collection of the best electric scooters to better the range.

4) Speed

You may have an electric scooter with a long commuting range, but if it takes forever to take you to your destination, it will be useless. So, along with the range, speed is also imperative while choosing the best electric scooter.

Always check how fast the electric scooter can go. If you only commute for a smaller distance and in the city, a low-speed electric scooter will be ideal for you. However, if you love whizzing around and reaching places faster, you can go with high-speed variants.

If you want to have a taste of the varying speeds of high-efficiency electric scooters, head to the Green City Motors website and book a test drive immediately.

5) Batteries

Batteries are the lifeline of electric scooters. A good battery differentiates between a reliable, high-quality electric scooter and a generic low-quality variant. So always check the battery performance before buying an electric scooter.

Further, the battery will also significantly impact the budget as it’s the costliest of all the electric scooter’s components. The more efficient lithium-ion battery delivers better performance; hence are costlier than the lead-acid counterpart.

Another factor you should not overlook is the replacement cost of the battery. A high-quality battery will have a longer life; hence you only have to incur the replacement cost once in a while. Green motors offer electric scooters that are fitted with the most durable and long-lasting batteries.

6) Performance

You can have electric scooters with all the glitters, but it would be more of a headache than comfort if it does not deliver the performance. That said, the best electric scooter should be an optimum combination of speed, range, and battery life.

The best electric scooter should be worth the money you invested in it. However, even if you go with an electric scooter in a lower price range, it does not mean that you should compromise on quality.

In the end, the only thing that matters is how well your electric scooters serves you and not the money that went into acquiring them. For the latest, most trendy, and economical models of the best electric scooters in Bangalore, check out the website of Green City Motors.

Book a test drive or receive a quote for the electric scooters that perfectly fits your budget. Interestingly, you will get other offers and warranties as well. 

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